C, C++, Python, Rust, OpenCL, OpenGL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, x86 Assembly, Reverse Engineering, Machine Learning


Sr. Software Engineer2017 - current
Vertex AI - Seattle, WA Machine Learning

Design and implementation of:

Sr. Software Engineer2014 - 2017
Peach Fuzzer, LLC - Seattle, WA Computer & Network Security

Designed and implemented Peach API Security, an automated security testing tool for scanning and fuzzing web-based APIs.

Sr. Software Engineer2013 - 2014
Spiral Genetics - Seattle, WA Computational Genetics

Maintained a map/reduce framework written in C++. Design and implementation of:

Sr. Software Engineer2010 - 2013
CoCo Communications Corp. - Seattle, WA Computer Networking

Implemented protocols and drivers targeting the OpenWRT platform. Implemented the following RFCs from scratch in C:

Software Consultant2008 - 2010
Various Clients - Los Angeles, CA

Implemented a variety of ASP.NET applications for large and small clients.

Sr. Software Engineer2003 - 2007
CoCo Communications Corp. - Seattle, WA Computer Networking

Design and implementation of:

Software Engineer2002 - 2003
Cenzic, Inc. - Seattle, WA Computer & Network Security

Implemented substantial components of Hailstorm Web, a product that aims to discover vulnerabilities in online applications using fault injection. Implemented low-level COM-based hooks to intercept network communications within Internet Explorer.

Software Engineer2001 - 2002
Virtuoso - Seattle, WA Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Implemented an ASP.NET framework for a web application used by luxury travel agents, vendors, and consumers.

Software Architect1999 - 2000 - Atlanta, GA Internet DotCom

First employee tasked with designing and implementing highly scalable web services for an early eCommerce site.

Software Engineer1998
RTS Software - Jerusalem, Israel Computer Software

Optimized a Java-based client application for a large call management system. Implemented backend interfaces for EDI, FTP, MSMQ, IVR, and a wide variety of other transport mediums.

Software Consultant1997 - 1999
Data General - Atlanta, GA Information Technology and Services

Implemented in-house enterprise tools and applications for a global customer support center.


Machine Learning May 3, 2017
Stanford University on CourseraOnline

Open-Source Projects


PlaidML is a framework for making deep learning work everywhere.


Git Big is a command line extension to Git for managing Write Once Read Many (WORM) files.


An implementation of a javascript transpiler based on a decompiler that can translate .NET CIL bytecode into javascript.


C# wrapper for the popular OpenSSL libraries.


Protocol circuit layerFeb 1, 2006
U.S. Patent 8,208,466

Protocol link layerFeb 1, 2006
U.S. Patent 9,641,492
U.S. Patent 8,861,393

Network clusteringDec 29, 2004
U.S. Patent 8,948,178
U.S. Patent 8,233,480


Computer Software Engineering Technology1995 - 1999
Oregon Institute of TechnologyKlamath Falls, OR